Feb 21, 2016

Gunshot Victims Unit

Book Review: Gunshot Victims Unit
Author: Vaibhav Mukim
Category: Fiction
Rating : 1/5

Gunshot Victims was a story about a dystopian world where communalism was prevalent everywhere, and only Gunshot Victims Unit, that cures the victims, was free of this evil. It had been portrayed in the book that only GVU, Gunshot Victims Unit was the place from where this can be controlled.

GVU was said to be located in Calcutta, and so the story. The story had many open ends, and I think that the author had not been able to close all of them. The characters were changing with pages, and it had become very difficult for me to keep track of the main character, and surprisingly I didn't understand who the protagonist was in the story.
I had never seen or imagine a place where people everytime and everywhere introduce themselves with their name followed by the place like I am Chetan from Gurgaon, but this book made me visit that place. Even the names of the characters were not chosen aptly for example there were two characters with the name Gru and Guru,now how on earth would a reader read the conversation between the two.

The author had tried to portray a dystopian world but I believe this was a very low researched novel.

I am writing this review on a blog which goes with the name -Smiling Planet, so I have to respect that and also say some good things about this book, and which is that the book is thin.

Jan 17, 2016

Eighteen The end of innocence

Eighteen The end of innocence is a story of Raghu, Aadi, Shalini , and, also you and me. It is because that we can connect with the story in some way or the other, and would remind us of our teenage days.

The book started with the protagonist Raghu and his life when he was to take final exams of school. The story moved on with putting up his views, generalities of his life and his friends. It all started with him making a choice for his life about his education, his friends and his girl.

The first thing that I liked about this book was that an Indian author had written a novel in a third person style. I have not seen many Indian authors doing that and I prefer reading books this way, so I was on hook from the first page. The story however was a bit slow in the beginning, but you wouldn't come to know that you were gripped with the story with the finish of first quarter.Each chapter started with telling you the glimpse of what must have happened in some words and left you guessing till the end. I liked this way of putting up the story.
The characters were drawn beautifully, and my favorite character in the book was Aadi. This  portrayal of characters was also one thing that many Indian contemporary authors, who write mushy mushy love stories, don't do. I say this because I picked up this book with same image, but by the end this book had already formed its unique image, and this is not some normal repetitive Indian mushy mushy love story but I would say a unique story in its own way. All the cracks that were opened in the story were sealed appropriately. The story was complete in every sense and that has left me,not happy, but very satisfied with the ending.

The editing of the book was also done quite nicely. There were meanings of Hindi words given at the end of each chapter. Even a foreign English novel with German words in between does not put meanings at the end or anywhere in the book. Many small things have been taken care of and all of that has made this an enjoyable read.

On the whole I suggest this book to all those who like reading love stories written in a simple language, to all those who want a break from reading scifi or non fiction books, and also to those who only read books when they travel.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Nov 8, 2015

Hold My Hand

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 57; the fifty-seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Madhu Vajpayee, the author of Seeking Redemption and Shades Publications, the publisher of Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time.

"Hold My Hand",She said

He gave her a smile and held her hand in his..

She did not say anything and sat silently with him.
He again went down into those silent lanes of his heart and sat there for that whole night.

She woke up quite early next morning, and started her usual routine. He was still asleep on floor, when she left him. His mind had become like this after that fateful evening.

They had gone for a dinner in a near by good restaurant. It was his wish to not take car and walk to the restaurant. Air was actually good that evening. It was a bit cold and air was blowing  with a swift pace. He was holding her hand, and then out of no where two guys came and tried to snatch her bag. She always carried her bag across her shoulders, so when they tried to pull it hard, she along with the bag was dragged, and him too. They however were unable to get hold of bag and finally ran away when they saw him.His head bursted on the electric pole there and he fell on ground. His eyes were open, but he could only see and sense blackness. His fingers moved, and sensed that she was still with her and then he closed his eyes for good.

The jerk, from the pole, was so hard that she got pulled with him and they both fell on ground alongwith one of the guys. They ran away leaving her bag.

She was dumbfounded, and last 30 sec that evening were not less than a shock for her. The person whom she admired and loved the most was lying unconscious besides her, and amazingly was still holding her hand. She, somehow to save his life, got up and took him to hospital. Doctors operated his head and found that there was nothing that was wrong with him, but the trauma of that accident would last for some time. They were unsure for how long would it last, and what would be the effects on him. She would only be able to come to know the real condition when he would open his eyes.
Looking at doctors, she did not hope much from God and only wished that he would remain alive. She did not allow her brain to  think about their future together, and only wanted to concentrate on one thing that she would hold his hand for the entire life.

To her surprise, he was found normal when he opened  his eyes. He ate well, talked well and remembered everything and even the blow that he had. He asked about her bag and those guys. She was so relieved, and was thankful to God. She started her life again with him, hoping that his health was fine and he was normal like others. They got married next month in a close ceremony, and everything was fine untill that night.
She found him sitting at the corner in their room. He was crying, and did not recognize her at first. She tried every way to make him speak, but he did not utter a word. She could not understand anything, and also did not think of relating this to that fateful day. It was only after some time did she realize that they followed the same route, where he had met with the blow.

She could not think of any other thing but to ask him to hold her hand, and he responded and held her hand. They did not speak a word, but he  remained sitting there holding her hand.
He was holding her hand but was not talking to her. He kept getting lost in his thoughts and whenever he came back to her, he gave her a smile. He would smile for a minute and would again go in his thoughts. She controlled herself and tried to be strong. She was afraid to even leave him for a moment, but she had no option but to go out and live the life for both of them.
She was determined to make him better. She daily sat with him, and let him hold her hand for hours without speaking anything. In reality, she was actually holding his hand rather than him.

This is her life now. She neither cursed  those guys nor doctors. She accepted the truth. For her it was enough that there is someone who in any condition can hold her hand for lifetime.

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Oct 27, 2015

Anything to look Hot

Book Review: Anything to look hot
Author: Jas Kohli
Category :Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5

Jas Kohli, with this book,gives you a true companion when you have no one to talk to in the train, and when your partner is snoring on your shoulder. Kohli will keep you entertained throughout the story. The eye catching thing  is this is one of the rare fiction books on the life of a Plastic Surgeon.
I picked it up only because I have not read anything about this lifestyle, although I have read Hospital from Artur Hailey, but  that is an altogether a different league. Kohli here gives you a bird's view of the life of a Plastic Surgeon through his protagonist Dr Dhruv and the challenges that he faced in this industry.

While writing this, he had also kept the story bounded with fine line of humour and love. This would not give you a LMAO feeling but would make you smile silently in your heart. This would not give you any sensous feeling, but would make you remember your loved one.  He has written this in a simple language with which everyone can connect easily.

Although start of the story is not gripping, but as the story moves on,you will find it interesting.  I finished it in one go while travelling, and completely enjoyed reading it.

One more interesting thing about this book is it will make you aware of procedure of cosmetic alteration that our bollywood superstars undergo, and after reading this you might know that how your favorite actress's nose has become like that of a Donald duck..hahs

On the whole this is worth reading, and you can consider it giving it a space in your book shelf.

Aug 29, 2015

The Design Of Everyday Things

Book Review: The Design Of Everyday Things
Author: Don Norman
Category: Non Fiction
Rating: 5/5

I am thankful to Marrisa Mayer-CEO of Yahoo, Neha Borkar-Indiatimes Author, Facebook and Don Norman for giving me an inspiration to read this outstanding, brilliantly written, awesome book for designers, and amazingly that can be read by everyone above 20. This is because teenagers in their age are not exposed to the world , or are not made aware about the nature of the world that this book talks about.

I am thankful to the above mentioned people, organization is because I comeacross an Indiatimes article on Facebook, which says that -26 Books Top CEOs Love, written by Neha Borkar. Although there were 26 books, but this title, loved by Marrisa Mayer, enticed me more to read it.

This book talks about human behaviour with technology and its evolution over a period of time. Don Norman, has so expressively written this book that you would want to continue reading it for a long time. This is something that one rarely sees in a non-fiction book. This will open up your critical eye for each and every man-made thing, meaning this will surely change your outlook towards everything  other than human beings. I would also like to recommend that people should read this book as early as they can, as they would realize then the true role of technology in their lives.

This book is a gift, for designers of any field. They can debate that this is more like a text book, but I would say that this is the best text book of their course, which they would feel should never end. For other people,  this book will bring awareness to many little things of life affected by design of machines and instruments that they use on daily basis. They would also understand the concept of how their simple sewing machine, shampoo bottle, gas stove or faucets, and even doors are designed.

With this book, everybody will able to understand a simple fact that technology is there to simplify things, and not sophisticate things, for us.