Aug 29, 2015

The Design Of Everyday Things

Book Review: The Design Of Everyday Things
Author: Don Norman
Category: Non Fiction
Rating: 5/5

I am thankful to Marrisa Mayer-CEO of Yahoo, Neha Borkar-Indiatimes Author, Facebook and Don Norman for giving me an inspiration to read this outstanding, brilliantly written, awesome book for designers, and amazingly that can be read by everyone above 20. This is because teenagers in their age are not exposed to the world , or are not made aware about the nature of the world that this book talks about.

I am thankful to the above mentioned people, organization is because I comeacross an Indiatimes article on Facebook, which says that -26 Books Top CEOs Love, written by Neha Borkar. Although there were 26 books, but this title, loved by Marrisa Mayer, enticed me more to read it.

This book talks about human behaviour with technology and its evolution over a period of time. Don Norman, has so expressively written this book that you would want to continue reading it for a long time. This is something that one rarely sees in a non-fiction book. This will open up your critical eye for each and every man-made thing, meaning this will surely change your outlook towards everything  other than human beings. I would also like to recommend that people should read this book as early as they can, as they would realize then the true role of technology in their lives.

This book is a gift, for designers of any field. They can debate that this is more like a text book, but I would say that this is the best text book of their course, which they would feel should never end. For other people,  this book will bring awareness to many little things of life affected by design of machines and instruments that they use on daily basis. They would also understand the concept of how their simple sewing machine, shampoo bottle, gas stove or faucets, and even doors are designed.

With this book, everybody will able to understand a simple fact that technology is there to simplify things, and not sophisticate things, for us.

Jun 1, 2015

Bizaarre Morning

I was wondering what I had been upto last night. I ate 3 Mac D burgers, 2 large Coke, 2 Frenchfries packet and watched 3 back to back movies. I slept at 5, and did realize at that time the rumblings of my old age neigbour who had this habit of waking up at 4-5. I was not sure of the exact time.

Now it is 2 pm, and is scorching hot at 44 deg, ofcourse it is summers. I don't know what to do in the remaining part of the day. When you generally wake up so late, you actually lose the prime time of planning things up; that old neigbour's habit is not that bad also, but it just doesn't go with me. I usually get to my senses at 9, but sometimes in 2-3 months this is fine, you know waking up at whatever time, and feeling lost.

This bird sitting on the LAN cable, that passes over my balcony, at the very moment resonates with me, as she also looks to be lost. Now I don't know how She is  'she', but I generally address unknown creatures as she, I think that I am very lucky..haha..My wife would kill me, but she is not at home, and I actually don't know where she has been and also didn't left any message. The last I remember is she waking me up with soft touches and then after a minute I did remember a sudden impact on my belly and legs and then blackness. I would call her, but let me eat something. I have also sometimes observed that no matter how much I eat in night, I would wake up famishing for something or the other. I know some google-lover would answer some crap about metabolism at night..and I would say -Fuck you. I want to have another opinion to this, which is less scientific, and more ........umummmm -I don't know.

That bird flew away, disturbing the leaves of this unknown tree. There were many fallen dry leaves on the floor. These leaves are lifeless or dead, but even than you would not turn your face away. There are very few things who have that ability to look beautiful even when they are dead... I also can not name other than this, but there must be more, I think so.....

I made myself a cup of tea garnished with tulsi, elaichi, ginger. Finally, the tea did the job and I got back to my senses, and realized that it is 4 0 clock, and wife whatsapped me to reach at my cousins place....I need to hurry up or know...don't you


Apr 5, 2015

Empty Pockets

The day started with an enriching tea followed by delicious Poha and Jalebi. My mom is the best in cooking them. I teased my newly wedded wife Nimisha that she just couldn't be better than mom in this, and she made faces. We had planned a visit to Akshardham Temple in Delhi, and left the home at 11 am to reach there on time.

The convenient service from Delhi Metro did not let us deter ourselves to a visit to Delhi from Gurgaon. Although it was a holiday, but one could never predict busy roads in Delhi.

I am not a frequent visitor to temples, but Akshardham is one such temple which is also famous for beautiful gardens, exhibition and good food. Considering mom's choice of a temple, wifey choice of lush green gardens, and my choice of food delicacies, we narrowed down our plan to visit this 40 year old Akshardham Temple.

Mom and Nimisha were happy with the view from the metro. They both, as this was their first visit to Gurgaon, had not been to Delhi in a metro, and so they smiled and gave a I-saw-this-first-time look on seeing Malls, Water Park and other buildings while enroute to Delhi. We got down at Rajeeve Chowk to change the metro from Yellow Line to Blue line. Rajeeve Chowk  is one of the busiest metro stations in Delhi that handles 5 lac visitors daily. Unlike Huda Metro Station, from where we boarded, there we had to stand in que to board this metro. I  regained my lost excitement on looking at their smiling faces, even when they had to stand in que.

We reached Akshardham Temple at around 1 PM, by an auto. Temple was 2 kms far from the nearest metro Akshardham station, even that was named after the temple which had  the beautiful and mammoth structure, very visible from outside. We also expected that there were going to be eye-partying things inside.

 I was aware that everybody had to deposit bags, but was not sure about cellphone. To my surprise, the security check in took more time than check in at airports, and they wanted everything to be deposited except for money and hand wallets. I was kind of exhausted even before entering inside. Mom and Nimisha were waiting happily outside and I, on seeing them, too got charged.

I did realize after some time that I was not actually walking with any weight whatso ever, as there was no cell phone, no bags inside my pocket and on my shoulders. I was walking with empty pockets, and it was so relieving that I could not express that instant feeling.

I generally get frustated when I  don't have my cell phone, but that day I was happy to be relieved from it. We entered inside, and there was this chily breeze that kept blowing our hairs away. There were very beautiful gardens, with round and elliptical shaped trees and plants. There were different designs of all geometrical shapes, and all were very well maintained. The air inside was so clean, and was actually incomparable from what you breathe in outside.

The temple was so gallantly decorated and the pillars inside had intricate crafted designs on them, depicting different forms of God and history of the temple in itself.

There was one more good thing favorable to us was the food without onions and ginger. My mother didn't eat either, and this was the only place where everything was without them. She did taste almost everything out there, and was happy to eat such a good onion-less food outside home.

There was also an exhibition centre and a water show inside the temple, but later we realized that the watch on my wrist (and not on my cell phone) was reading 4 pm.We were getting late, and so we decided to skip them. Those 3-4hours in the blessed environment of Akshardham Temple, with the people I love the most in my life were the best and most rejuvenating hours that I had ever spent in a very long time.  There was no better time than spending it with your loved ones.I didn't realize that I was also tired  as we had to walk a lot inside the temple, but even than I was happy and fresh at the end.

We  got out, and I finally switched on my cell phone after four hours.I was back to my life of technology where I sometimes weigh more importance to the person in that small screen rather than the one in front of my eye lids.....Haha..

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Oct 19, 2014

Diwali on the doors.....

Diwali......The moment of togetherness.....The happiness to be cherished lifelong.....The lightening of the fun in everyone's heart...

Diwali, one of the most joyous and entertaining day of my life, is on the doors. Diwali is a day when I spend good times with my family and friends. It, to me, is a day that gives a sense of newness to everything around and is a  time to spark the friendly relations with everyone.

I remember as a kid, that it was school which would first make me realize that Diwali is about to come as there always were Diwali Holidays in the calendar.I remember that my father would get me two sets of new clothes for this day and I would  wait for the time when we would go to buy all types of colourful crackers. We would haggle with the shopkeeper to give us the maximum discount so that we could buy more and more crackers. For us kids there use to be two types of Diwali as Choti Diwali and Badi Diwali, and we would buy separate crackers for both of these days. All the friends use to gather at one place to light up the crackers.
long duration holidays, and which got its mention as

The Diwali Puja also use to be special as compared to other Hindu festivals. There use to be so many flowers and sweets, and there were  unique traditions that were only followed on this day. Infact everything use to be unique with this day. This day would end up with smile on my face and happiness in my life.

The sense of Diwali now has changed a lot, and it is this IRCTC site that makes me realize first that Diwali is knocking on the doors. We now try to finish all the pending works before Diwali, so that nothing sbould keep us bothered during the Day. The holidays have become lesser now but that excitemnt of feeling happiness and sensing the newness in everything remains the

same. I would reach my place one day prior to Diwali, and would catch up with friends to plan something after the traditional Diwali Puja. I would also get some gifts for my lovely nephew and nieces.

I now see Diwali as the day when all the family members get to one place to celebrate the day. The puja, sweets and crackers is obviously the part of this day but now I also see this to live that moment of togetherness with my family and friends. This day, for me, has now become the right time to sort out differences amongst family and friends, and glow up the new hope of fun and love for the next year.

Many people now also await this festival for its auspicuous nature , as every industry, business and shop would give offers on their products. Some of my friends are buying cars, some are buying home appliances and some are looking forward to buy gold on this day. I too am looking forward to buy something big on this day, afterall I also would like to create that feeling of newness on that day.

Its four days left for Diwali, and the moment I step in the market I sense that festive feeling on everybody's face. I see the air in itself turns festive when Diwali comes around.

As everytime, I also am excited to float in this air of festiveness and live that moment of lifelong happiness and togetherness on this one day.


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Sep 21, 2014

As Simple As It Can Be #7

This is the seventh one in the series that describes some of the basic traits of life in its simplest form.

Self confidence  

This unbeatable personal trait is the only required ingredient to achieve anything and everything in life.


This, now a days, pertains to a chunk of ancient customs with unknown origins in every religion, which the orthodox people fear if not followed would instill the traits of anthropophobia in them.


Addiction to anything, in most of the cases, help people in fighting out the moments of fear in their day to day life.

Sweet 16

Sweet 16, often known as the age when love-buds cultivate, is also the age of finding oneself and trying to take power of one's own life.

Courtesy of contemporary people

This is generally bestowed to others to grab and munch a good favour in return.

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